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Our combined peak power:

109,262 watts

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83 members, average wattage: 1,301

This is your invite you to join us at: is building a forum for solar power micro-generators: to have their own communications net,

  • Quarterly update report showing the networks combined kWh total installed storage capacity
  • News of important developments amongst solar generators, early warning of threats or opportunities
  • Bulk Buying:   intends to offer deals on split-containers of batteries, panels, electric vehicles, inverters etc
  • Sharing of advice and tips via the forums
  • Eventually if can reach 500 kWh – 1 mWh combined we will offer you to join our generation network as we enter the wholesale market
  • One day there will be a distributed micro-processor controlled relay network to signal all our batteries in unison.
  • Together we are stronger today we are 109,262

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  • To do this we need you to fill out the form below and record your installations peak generation in watts so we can include your generation in the figures on our website and quarterly reports
  • If you upgrade your install you can edit your wattage

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