About Us

solarnetwork.nz is primarily a  communication network and forum for solar power  micro-generators.

The solarnetwork.nz will report  total solar power network generation capacity every 6 months to its members.

The distributed solar generators of solarnetwork.nz will  become integral to NZ’s future energy security.

The solarnetwork.nz will  prepare for the completion of a powergrid robot that can detect when the spot price for electricity is peaking  and simultaneously signal the distributed solarnetwork to discharge its storage into the local lines and thence export to the grid. In this manner, eventually providing an unrivalled response as the nations Fast Instantaneous Reserve Voltage  for a minimum of 30 minutes and gaining top price /kwhr

solarnetwork.nz will also prepare for the time when an e-v pulls in to a highway recharge station and specifies “solar recharge please”.