Industrial Designer Wanted

I have an idea for a product and need a product designer to model and render in 3D some prototype mockups. The world has never seen what a 3400 Farad capacitor can do, this is a relatively new invention by Maxwell, currently used for regenerative breaking and high current high power impulse loads.

UltraPowerBank: The worlds fastest USB portable charger

This huge 100 amp transformer can:

  • Charge a removable Maxwell UltraCapacitor in 52 seconds!
  • Power 20 USB ports with 5 amps dedicated each!
  • Is also a mig-welding power supply!
  • Has two parts: the heavy charger and the lightweight powerbank
  • Removable cells allow for continuous 24 hour mobile service delivery

Option to have the big heavy transformer jutting out of it:

I need a 3D rendered visual of something like this thing…. jutting out the top of a 20 port USB hub

The caps are Maxwells 2.85 volt Durablue 3.85 Wh removable shock proof UltraCaps.

The mobile pack design needs to hold one or two of these and provide – like any good mobile powerbank –┬á a couple of USB A host female sockets for charing your phone on the go and one microUSB female to allow to charge the cap on the go also, albeit much slower than 52 seconds, it would take 1.5 hours though on a regular 500 mA USB port:


These will plug into the unit you are about to design. Back home they can be charged quickly for those power hungry impatient types.

The unit will cost around $500 to $1000 retail and feature a lockable cabinet.