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Why Join? It’s free.                         Just click on the Subscribe Button below. is an organisation for  the immediate goal of creating a nationwide forum for sharing information that will promote the interests of its members. Sharing important developments amongst solar generators and sharing early warning of threats to solar generators posed by ill informed or biased legislators.
We’re building a federation of solar power generators throughout New Zealand.
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 enabled to bulk buy container loads etc. Cheap deals on batteries, panels, electric vehicles, sharing advice and tips,  through an aggregation of solar generators who contact the forum  with an enquiry

A special interest communications network.
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Together we are stronger and could eventually consider  entering the wholesale market. Once as a group in aggregate can break the 0.5 MWH barrier, we can enter the wholesale energy market. BE PART OF SOMETHING BIG!!!!

Preferable would be FIT applied to The Networks individuals.

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web log;
At some future date, by receiving signal to discharge into the local lines and thence to the grid, the possibility of exporting stored solar energywill occur. To contribute to the lucrative fast instantaneous reserve capacity of the national grid , via the digital sensing of electricity outages and spot market peaks, .

On the near horizon is the design and development of a grid robot that will detect when the spot market for electricity is peaking. A robot that can immediately signal the solar network to discharge their stored energy into the grid for top prices for each KW. Not only that, this gridbot will eventually enable the solar networks storage to bid for the nations fast instantaneous reserve, 50 gigawatts for 30 min, to combat outages and extreme peaks of demand.No turbines just flooding energy from the grass roots.

There is undoubtedly the prospect of solar generation becoming particularly relevant to the wider transport infrastructure when e-vehicles specify that they want solar power for their recharge, when they pull into the highway recharge station.

You do of  course know  that Auckland University  professors Covic and Prof Johns have been working on upscaling their brilliant invention. Induction charging that they patented, trademarked, and with its first commercial iteration in 1964, the electric toothbrush,  which charged at 2 watts/hr without a physical contact plug.

Do you prefer isolation over being part of the energy revolution?

For a taster of what the can bring to your attention; check out the www.Aquion battery and contemplate the exciting future ahead for you.